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WJST Jet Set

Radio Lexington, KY.

Online Radio Box Widget. Download the App!

Listen Here Live! Without Leaving The Site!

Playing Beautiful Easy Listening Stereo Music from Reel To Reel Tape. American Airlines, Easy Listening, Lounge, Bossa Nova, Chill, Exotica, Smooth Jazz, Space Age Pop, Orchestral Pop. All played in true stereo from the Teac X-1000R. Plus the following weekend programs!

The Bachelor Pad Radio Show With

Jason Croft!

Fri At 6PM, Sat At 10PM, Sun At 5PM Eastern Time!

Cocktail Nation Evening Program With Koop Kooper Fri At 9PM & 11PM,

Sat At 6PM & 8PM, And

Sun At 8PM and 10PM Eastern Time!

Does WJST Have Widget Players I Can Use On My Website?

Of Course!

Simply copy and paste the following Free Listening Widget Links your your website:

<iframe src="" width='440px' height='240px' frameborder="0"/>


<iframe src="" width='220px' height='380px' frameborder="0"/>

How Do I Listen To WJST Directly, For The Best Stereo Quality? PC Recommended.

It's Easy!!

Simply Copy & Paste the following Direct Listening Links below, to a compatible media player!

The media player must be capable of processing and playing the audio extension you choose.

But, once you do, you will get to listen to WJST Jet Set Radio directly from the Live365 Server; at about 128Kbps connection speed.

Try the following Direct Listening Links, to see which ones work best for you!

Copy & Paste to your appropriate Media Player. By going to Open Network Stream, or similar, found in the Player Menu, and pasting the link in the Dialog Box. Audio will begin playing momentarily in True Stereo Sound!

****NOTE: If you already have an appropriate media player installed on your PC, Simply Left Click on one of the links below, Open Under New Tab, Select To Open the appropriate Media Player Program from the Drop Down List. True High Quality Stereo Sound will begin momentarily!

You can also try this Streaming Web Link:

How To Listen Using Alexa?

It's easy!

Go to the Alexa App on your mobile device.

Go to the Alexa Skills Store and Search: WJST Jet Set.

Enable the free Skill on the screen.

Now go back to the Alexa device and say very clearly and slowly, "Alexa, Play W..J..S..T.. Jet..Set." You may need to repeat it a bit slower or faster until Alexa understands the request. You can then tell Alexa to Enable Song ID. You can also tell Alexa to, "Stop The Stream".

If you link two Alexa devices together, you can listen to WJST Jet Set in true stereo sound!

 How To Listen On A Mobile Device? 

It's Easy!

If you live anywhere in the U.S., Canada, the UK, or anywhere else in the world, there is an App for you!

Search the App Store on your iPhone or Android mobile device: Live365, Online Radio Box, or

Download and install any or all of the free Apps!

Go to Search, and type: WJST Jet Set. Press the result on the screen, and press the Play button below. You can also save the station to your favorites within the App! There may be other countries in the world where the App may function, so give it a try!

How To Listen In The Car?

It's Easy!

If your vehicle's audio system has Bluetooth, simply enable the Bluetooth with your mobile device. The audio from the Live365 or other App will begin playing after a successful connection is made!

If your vehicle's audio system only has an auxiliary input jack on the front, simply plug in an audio cable; designed for your mobile device. The audio will begin playing from the Live365 or other App you are using.

Some vehicles may not have a Bluetooth or Auxiliary Input Jack for their stereo system. In this case, a separately powered Bluetooth Speaker System linked to your mobile device may be a good alternative. Of course, use caution and obey all regulations regarding placing, securing and listening to your Bluetooth Speaker in your vehicle.

What About My Mobile Device's Data Limit?

Not to worry!

The data used to stream WJST from the Live365 App, is about the same as browsing Facebook! Or any other Apps that you use regularly, such as Sirius XM, YouTube, Spotify or iTunes!

That is because the audio coming from WJST Jet Set has already been compressed down to mp3 standards. But NOT to the point of effecting any audio quality! Listen for yourself to see! Actually, the audio quality of WJST is vastly superior to Sirius XM, but at less bandwidth! This is due to WJST enhancing the stereo sound after it leaves the Reel To Reel Tape Deck. WJST Jet Set desires to give you the very best quality sound all for free! No subscription fees here!

But, almost every mobile carrier now has unlimited data plans, that are similarly priced to capped data packages. Call your mobile carrier to find out more about their unlimited data plans, as they may offer you special deals or discounts to switch. That way, you may always enjoy WJST, as much as you like!

Conversely, you can also switch your mobile device to Wi-Fi, and still listen to WJST without losing any quality in sound. You can also try to listen to WJST on the plane while you fly, after you connect your mobile device to the planes Wi-Fi.

What are good links that work on the PC?

WJST has two web links that you can save to your PC favorites.

Go to the PC's Address Bar up top towards the left; NOT the Google Search!

The first web link is the one you are on now:

For the second web link,

type the following into the web browser's address bar:

This will take you straight to the stations webpage, that includes the stations audio feed player. But it is only accessible in certain countries.

The Live365 App just quit playing the audio by itself, what happened?


Oftentimes, the Live365 or other App might suddenly "hang" or try to reset the connection. Sometimes due to a weak signal with the mobile device.

When this happens, close the App fully, empty the mobile devices memory, by closing all Apps, and restart the Live365 or other App again. Select WJST from the App favorites, and press play, the audio should resume.

Other times, the Live365 or other App might start playing the stations audio feed after you have stopped it. The best way to avoid this, is to completely close the App, and empty the mobile devices memory; by closing all Apps. This will keep the App from playing the stations feed at inappropriate times.

Rarely, Live365 might experience a major disruption of service, due to a server connection or outage. Preventing you from listening to WJST. Usually these disruptions are short as the engineers immediately try to resolve the problem. This is out of WJST's control and will apologize in advance for the inconvenience it might cause. Please check back shortly when this happens, the issue will be resolved in a timely manner for audio to resume.

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