What Is WJST?

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Lisa On Location Photography with H&M by Adriana Espinoza

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Photo By Stacey Hartman

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Photo By Steve Edmund

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Lisa On Location Photography with H&M by Adriana Espinoza

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Just what is WJST Jet Set?

Located in Lexington, Kentucky. WJST Jet Set Radio premiered in the early evening hours of November 30th, 2018; on the Live365 Service. The very first song to air was, Non-Stop To Brazil from Astrud Gilberto.

The purpose of WJST Jet Set, is to celebrate the positives of Jet Travel, while bringing you relaxing Beautiful Easy Listening Music from Reel To Reel Tape. Easy Listening songs that many other Easy Listening stations won't play. Beautiful Music that the first Jet Set generation listened to on the Boeing 707 Astrojets from American Airlines. The goal of WJST, is to make all Jet Travel positive, loving, caring, gentle and relaxing once again.




By late 1964, American Airlines introduced AstroVision on it's Boeing jets. That integrated video programs and audio music to the passengers for the first time. In October 1964, American Airlines began playing 3 hour Classical Music Reel Tapes for the new passengers; to provide a comforting experience. In June 1965, after many requests from passengers, American Airlines began playing 3 hour Popular Music programs from Reel To Reel Tape to it's passengers; that quickly became very popular! American Airlines eventually made those very same Popular Music Reel Tapes for sale to the public! It has been said that there are 80 volumes of the American Airlines Popular Music Series!

WJST Jet Set has obtained many of those Reel Tapes that at one time played on the aircraft. As time allows, another Reel Tape from American Airlines gets added to the music library. Providing you with many alternative versions to popular songs, not heard in many, many years. All brought to you on the restored Teac X-1000R Reel To Reel Tape Deck, in true stereo sound.

WJST Jet Set not only plays music tapes from American Airlines, but also brings you newer Lounge, Chill, Bossa Nova, Smooth Jazz music from today as well.









With so much music played on the Teac X-1000R, it often requires cleaning and service. So WJST is pleased to bring you two programs that play all weekend long!








The Bachelor Pad Radio Show with Jason Croft, brings you 2 hours of Exotica, Big Bongo Beats, Retro Swing, Spy Music, and so much more! Friday At 6PM, Saturday At 10PM, And Sunday At 5PM Eastern Time.


The Cocktail Nation Evening Program with Koop Kooper, brings you 1 hour of smooth slow Jazz to help you unwind. Friday At 9PM & 11PM, Saturday At 6PM & 8PM, And Sunday At 8PM & 10PM Eastern Times.



Station Owner, Flight Engineer & Program Director:

Chris Richards Cromwell

Ever since the young age of 10, Chris long dreamed of having his own radio station. It wasn't just the music going out over the air, but all of the technological equipment greatly appealed to him!

In 1991, Chris earned his Associates Of Applied Sciences In Broadcasting. Very shortly after graduating, he began working at KCMN and KCBR AM Radio Stations for 9 years; as Chris Richards. The music format of KCMN AM Radio in Colorado Springs, was an early inspiration for WJST Jet Set Radio!

In early 2000, Chris changed careers to be an Over The Road Truck Driver, but the dream of owning a radio station remained with him.

XM Satellite Radio channel "On The Rocks" played an even bigger inspiration to WJST Jet Set Radio!

In 2008 Chris began purchasing many rare music Reel To Reel Tapes, and Teac Reel Tape machines. The Teac X-1000R Reel Tape Machine and American Airlines Reel Tapes, would eventually bring WJST Jet Set Radio to life in 2018!

Chris Richards is always looking for ways to enhance your flight with WJST Jet Set Radio!


Pilot: Captain Gary Miles

Bringing it all together is Captain Gary Miles! He is the pilot of Jet Set Radio! Born and bred in Lancaster County, PA, Gary has worked in radio and television throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio. When he’s not in the cockpit of Jet Set Radio, Miles is best known as the proprietor of Gary Miles’ American Cheese, one of the premier mid-century collectible boutiques. Pop culture, particularly during the Jet Set period, is a passion for Miles, particularly the music. He has an eclectic taste, but has a strong connection to Nancy Wilson, Jack Jones, The Free Design, Shirley Bassey, Rod McKuen, Carmen McRae, and Steve and Eydie.





Chief Flight Stewardess: Something Blue

Something Blue's first flight was when she was just a wee babe and she's been in the air ever since. Now that she's a fully formed Babe, Blue's Jet Set lifestyle takes her all over the world! As a pinup model and burlesque dancer she's toured the USA, France, Switzerland and Germany. As a lover of travel, she's touched the shores of 4 continents and 48 states, scaled Machu Pichu, seen the Northern Lights, traversed the Amazon Rainforest, explored Celtic tombs, climbed the Alps, drunk tea in Asia and Europe at the same time, soaked in a Roman bath and broken a thousand hearts along the way. When she's not on the road or in the air, Blue can be found regularly in Austin, TX where she is a member of The Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue. Now joining the Jet Set team as Chief Flight Attendant, Blue is here to ensure your ride aboard the Jet Set Plane is as smooth and pleasant as possible! With the help of expert Pilot Captain Gary Miles and American Airlines Music on Stereo Reel To Reel Tape; you can rest assured there will be no turbulence on this flight!

****All Other Photo Credits:

Something Blue Hair & Makeup Artist:

Adriana Espinoza Artistry.

Photography: Lisa Blascke, Lisa on Location Photography.







WJST Jet Set is available on all of your mobile devices and Alexa!

Other Apps such as Online Radio Box, MyTuner, Receva and Radio Online play WJST as well! They all work for your iPhone and Android devices. Search: WJST Jet Set.


WJST is also available on Alexa devices! Just go to the Alexa Skills Store, found on the Alexa App. Search the Skills Store: WJST Jet Set, Enable the Skill. Now go to the Alexa device, slowly and clearly say: "Alexa, Play W..J..S..T.. Jet.. Set" until she understands the request. You might have to repeat it a bit faster or slower.

WJST is also available in your car, using a Bluetooth or wired connection, to your car's stereo system.

WJST hopes you will please always enjoy the relaxing music, and listen to the weekend programs. Especially while you fly, by connecting your mobile device to the planes Wi-Fi.

WJST is available on Facebook, with it's own Facebook page. Just search Facebook: WJST Jet Set Radio. Stay up to date with the latest information!

WJST is also available on Twitter and Instagram. Just search Twitter: @JetWjst and Instagram: wjstjetset.

If you desire to donate any amount to WJST, please feel free to do so at the home page. Your tips are greatly appreciated, and go directly to increasing the music library; as well as promoting the station!

Please save WJST Jet Set to your web browser favorites list, and come back at anytime!